Common heartburn drugs associated with early death in a new study

How does heartburn work?

Gastrointestinal drugs usually come in two categories: antacids, which neutralize stomach acid to help reduce heartburn and acid blockers, which reduce the actual production of stomach acid. Both are available as prescription or OTC.

Some doctors will describe both together, as antacids can help control the symptoms of heartburn so that acid blockers have time to work.
The relationship between heart disease, stomach cancer, kidney problems and heartburn drugs is not clear from the study; research does not prove that heartburn drugs cause premature death, only that there is an association that is not yet understood..

What health conditions have they been associated with?

This is not the first time that heartburn medicines have been linked to health problems. Previous research has linked these drugs to other health conditions such as dementia, pneumonia and even bone fractures.

Because heartburn medicines interfere with stomach acid, they may affect the ability of the body to absorb calcium, which can lead to bone weakness and increase the risk of fractures.

The cause of the link between heartburn drugs and cognitive decline is unclear, although some researchers predict that any potential reduction in vitamin B-12 may be due to the effect of drugs on stomach acid – can make the brain more susceptible to damage.

In pneumonia research, producer prices were associated with an increased risk of pneumonia among people aged 60 years or older. Researchers predict that this is due to the fact that stomach acid helps prevent inflammation of the intestine in some people.

The latest research suggests that PPI doubles the risk of stomach cancer even after the elimination of H. pylori, a bacteria known risk factor for gastric cancer. The evidence is also associated with the use of PPI with heart disease and chronic kidney disease, and increased risk of death in general as a result of these conditions.

How to Stop Heartburn Naturally

Although you should always follow your healthcare provider’s instructions and never stop taking the medicine without consulting your doctor first, many people who have heartburn will ask what they can do after reading this research

People with occasional heartburn or GERD need a way to prevent stomach acid from damaging the esophagus. Gastric acidity is not only painful: Acute stomach acids have the ability to damage the esophagus and even lead to an increased risk of esophageal cancer .

In addition, stomach acids can move with the esophagus to the oral cavity, where it can damage the tooth enamel and increase the risk of tooth decay and sensitive teeth .

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