Review on the Reverse Back-Hip Extension on a Yoga-Stability Ball


Review on the Reverse Back-Hip Extension on a Yoga-Stability Ball :  Stability Ball or Yoga Ball (Big Yoga Ball) is a great tool to work on your back and belly. You can accidentally neglect your back especially at the bottom of your back because it is a

small (and often weak) part of your entire body.
You want to keep it flexible and flexible as it will affect many critical body exercises such as squatting, dead lifts, stabs, etc.

Usually, when you are squatting, the lower part of the back is tired first before your appearance and legs. When kept flexible and flexible, you enhance your performance in these exercises.

You also strengthen your back and legs.                                                                There are many exercises that can work on your stomach and back using a stability ball or a yoga ball. One of them is the reverse back and hip extension using stability or a yoga ball.

Hip Extension on a Yoga-Stability Ball

You will do this exercise with your stomach on a yoga ball.Your body is forming upside down “V”. You will need to put yourself on a yoga ball until the ball is down the tub.

The upper part of your body and legs make the shape of “V” upside down, then you will need to lift your feet off the ground, you are extending the reverse until the body is straight, and it is important not to stretch your back excessively.

Keep your legs and back straight, and you will feel your stomach trying to hold your whole body, and you will feel that your lower back pulls your legs up, and it may take some getting used to, but it becomes a great exercise for your belly and lower back – especially the stable part of those muscles.

This position is for a few seconds (about 3-5 seconds), then return to the starting position, and you can try this exercise from 10 to 12 times. With 2-3 sets, it’s a good idea to try these fixings at the end of your workout when you’re a bit tired, giving your body a great workout.

Hip Extension on a Yoga-Stability Ball

The back and rear hip exercise with a big yoga ball is a great exercise for your belly and back. It looks like a child’s exercise on a big ball. But do not let simplicity fool you. It works effectively on the abdomen and lower back especially when trying to fix yourself at the top of the movement. This is a great exercise movement using a large yoga ball.

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