How to do a Keto Diet: The Complete keto-diet Guide

Quick Guide to the Keto Diet

the keto diet is the newest plan on the block
the keto diet is the most searched diet in 2018 and 2019
when you start keto diet you should eat low carbohydrate foods and high-fat foods
keto diet puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis
when you are in ketosis your body becomes a fat burning machine.
it turns fats into ketones in the liver
which can supply energy for the brain

 Some foods you should avoid

Bread    /    Cake     /      Ice cream      /      Candy     /     Pasta    /    Cereal    /       All fruit aside from berries

Some food you should eat

Red meat     /    Salmon    /     Tuna   /    Omega3 (whole egg)     /     Butter    /    Unprocessed cheese   / Nuts and seeds

There is the standard keto diet

75% fats             /       20% protein      /         5% Carbs

And the high-protein keto diet

60% fat     /      35% protein        /             5% Carbs

the standard keto diet is usually for people who are looking for accelerating their weight loss
the high protein ketogenic diet is usually for people who need protein to help protect muscle mass
such as bodybuilders and old people

Have you tried a ketogenic diet or thinking to try it ??


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