Infectious Diseases on the Job

Infectious Diseases on the Job

Your healthcare professionals are susceptible to many different illnesses and diseases. By taking appropriate precautions, these healthcare professionals protect themselves and their patients. Here are some basic precautions that can reduce the risk of infectious diseases in the healthcare environment:

It is extremely important to dispose of the needles in special co​ntainers to dispose of sharp objects. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the US Department of Labor, most acupuncture injuries occur during the following five activities:

When removing the needles

When injecting

When drawing blood

When needles are recapped (not allowed)

When dealing with garbage and dirty linens

Soiled linen must be filled or placed in a separate container where it is used. Persons touching Soiled linen should wear gloves and other protective clothing, according to the instructions of the HICPAC (Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee). HICPAC is an independent federal advisory committee that issues infectious disease recommendations to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ministry of Health and Human Services.

Some hospital waste from areas, like the lab or pathology, and things like blood and sharps require special waste disposal precautions.

Occupational exposure to infectious diseases, including tuberculosis, can occur outside of healthcare. Ask your healthcare provider about additional precautions you can take to avoid getting an infection.

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