5 pre-existing conditions that can make it difficult to fight against the Coronavirus

1-Heart disease

Fight Coronavirus : People with heart disease tend to have other underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and lung disease, which weakens the body’s defense systems (including the immune system) against viral infection, William Lee, MD, and doctor author of “Eat In order to overcome disease: the new science of how your body can heal itself, “he says to health.

COVID-19 fever puts additional stress on your body’s metabolic requirements, which confirms that the heart is already weak.” “Pneumonia, which is commonly seen with COVID-19, makes it difficult for the lungs to oxygenate the blood.

This puts more pressure on the heart.” In addition, inflammation caused by infection can damage the lining of the blood vessels that pump the heart from During which the blood.

In February, the American College of Cardiology issued a leaflet warning patients about the increased risk for COVID-19 that includes additional precautions to take.

The bulletin recommends that people with cardiovascular disease be kept informed of vaccinations, including pneumonia, and access to influenza vaccine to prevent another source of fever.

Dr. Lee recommends exercising regularly (during a social move away, of course) and following a healthy diet to help strengthen the heart during the period of COVID-19.

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