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Coronavirus and Sexual Health

Coronavirus and Sexual Health By now, there are few if any people in the civilized world who do not know about coronavirus (technically, COVID-19), the pandemic of which is causing major changes throughout the world. At this writing, the story is evolving and changing every day, and there is no way of knowing exactly what path the pandemic will take. What is clear is that coronavirus is a major concern health concern – and that raises the […]

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Coronavirus death rate and the chances of death

Coronavirus death rate

Coronavirus death rate: what are the chances of death? Coronavirus death rate: Scientific advisers to the UK government believe that the chances of dying from coronavirus infection range from 0.5% to 1%. This is lower than the confirmed death rate – 4% globally in WHO numbers and 5% in the UK as of March 23 – because not all cases have been confirmed by the test. Each country has its own method of deciding who is being […]

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5 pre-existing conditions that can make it difficult to fight against the Coronavirus

Fight Coronavirus

5 Preexisting Conditions That Can Make It Harder to Fight Coronavirus Fight Coronavirus :Early data from China, where the new COVID-19 coronavirus first started, suggests that some people are more vulnerable to serious health complications than the new coronavirus . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this includes people with serious chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, and mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Here’s why these […]

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